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The art of making coffe

To the visitors of the historic centre of Rovereto the coffee fragrance announces the Bontadi Coffee Roasting. In advance, in an atmosphere that brings back to the past centuries. Walking among ancient XVIII century houses, through arcades and paved courtyards rounded by balconies, one can breath a scent known by all people. The only roasting factory in town was born from the developing of the trading activity begun by the Bontadi family since 1790, and that is still today firmly linked to its origins.
“Bontadi 1790 – the exclusive Italian roasted coffee”

The very best in Goodness since 1952

The history of EXQUISITA is a long one which began with Grandfather Arturo in 1920, then following on to father Tedy from 1953 to 1986 and up to the present-day third generation of Walter Tomio and his wife Anna Rita. Exquisita invests its unending passion to constantly develop new creations as regards high quality chocolate, as well as top range naturally raised Panettone and Pandoro cake, almost obsessively paying attention to the quality of basic ingredients, without using artificial flavours. Constantly taking an interest in spreading the news regarding the culture and traditions of quality chocolate leads the company to offer courses and evening meetings all over Italy.
“The sweet Exquisita creations, genuine and real masterpieces of good taste”

Olive press – Riva del Garda – Italia

Over 2000 years ago, the ancient Romans brought the first olive trees to the upper Lake Garda region. With it’s sheltered geographic location and Mediterranean microclimate due to proximity to Lake Garda, it is one of the northern-most zones for olive cultivation in both Italy and Europe and now boasts a centuries long tradition. The main olive grown is the local Casaliva variety; together with the Frantoio variety, they make up over 95% of the total olive crop. Other varieties present to a lesser degree include Leccino and Pendolino olives, as well as the local Raza, Trepp and Favarol varieties.

The Frantoio di Riva – Italia was founded in 1965, in 1998 it was the first producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the DOP Garda Trentino certification, one of the first DOP recognized in Italy. In 2008 the Riva olive press received bio certification for the production of organic olive oil. The actual olive press used at the Frantoio di Riva – Italia is a three-phase continuous press but includes the separate milling of individual batches of olives, resulting in batches of oil from only each individual consignment of olives. All olives are cold-pressed, and temperatures are not allowed to exceed 27°C.
Today the Riva del Garda olive press or Frantoio di Riva – Italia works with a majority of locally grown olives, producing extra virgin olive oil that has won the highest national and international recognition for its unique characteristics. This triumph is a result of several factors, including the following:

  • a distinctive microclimate resulting from the mountain ranges to the north that protect the area from cold, and the moderating effect of Lake Garda which produces an almost Mediterranean climate;
  • the skill of the local olive producers who have been producing quality olives for generations, combined with on-going technical support from the olive press for the most up to date cultivation techniques;
  • the majority of the olive crop remains hand-picked as tradition demands, after which modern techniques are applied to cold-press the olives and preserve the oil; the Frantoio di Riva – Italia is one of the most evolved presses in Italy and is always on the cutting edge of technology

“Frantoio di Riva: extra Virgin Olive Oil from the extreme north”

Dolomiti Fruits

Dolomiti Fruits uses only apples, pears and berries grown in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige. Only the best peaches,apricotscherriesgrapesstrawberries and kiwis of Italian origin become Dolomiti Fruits’ juices.
The company is located in Val di Non, a valley in the heart of the Trentino region, which is famous for growing and producing the best apples in Italy. Thanks to the conformation and dislocation of the ground and to the varieties that are grown, the apples of this region are some of the best to be produced in Europe, due to their organoleptic and crunchiness properties.
Dolomiti fruits chooses and uses fruit coming from guaranteed, certified and definite producing areas. Organic fruit is also used.

“Dolomiti Fruits: The fruit juice experts!”

Peterlini Apicoltura

Since several generations the family has worked in the bees’ world producing gently and naturally: honey, propolis, beeswax, jelly royal, pollen…
“Peterlini Apicoltura: … tradition stays from generation to Generation…”

Azienda Agricola Balter

Azienda Agricola Balter is a highly specialized winery located in Trentino, on the top of a hill at 350 meters sea-level, 3 km far away from Rovereto. Our farm extend itself for about 10 ha, totally enclosed by an original stonewall.
The suggestive way to access is bordered by a cypresses row; walking up you’ll soon find a little castle characterized by a sixteenth century great tower and by a winery built underground completely. Different testing rooms and many traditional places, such as barn, cowshed and kitchen, in an original country style, are at your disposal to enjoy our products.

The vineyard, laying on a panoramic location above the Vallagarina, offers to the visitor a grateful view of the fields’ geometric design, which pinpoints different plot of lands hosting Guyot and “pergola trentina modificata” training system. A great range of grapes characterizes Azienda Agricola Balter: starting from the Chardonnay, “shaped” through the Champagne Method to create the classic TRENTODOC Balter Brut and TRENTODOC Balter Brut Riserva, to the aristocratic Sauvignon, moving finally  to the red bunches such as Merlot, the typical Lagrein and the unfailing Cabernet Sauvignon refined in barriques.

Azienda Vinicola Spagnolli

Good wine starts from the vineyard. This is the reason why Azienda Vinicola Spagnolli has always aimed at researching a qualitative and quantitative balanced product since ’50. The family-run company’s policy it has never changed: as in the past, paying particular attention to the concept of quality right from the selection of grapes.

This is why considerable changes also have to be made in the planting of grape production. The traditional pergola has in part left room for the Guyot system. Together with the farmers, Spagnolli has created a new culture centred on reducing manure and on rational use of irrigation. The use of fungicides has been reduced to a minimum. A continual rapport with vine-growers, characterised by controls and grape analysis guarantee respect for the environment and a higher salubrity to the product. The vineyards are situated solely in the Vallagarina valley at an altitude of 200 to 700 metres, near Rovereto (Trento).

Maso Eggerhof

The Eggerhof is located in Aldein (Bolzano – South Tyrol) 1.220 m above sea level, with his 12 hectare of grass and 33 hectare woods.

Today the farm holds approx. 3.800 laying hens and their eggs are sold across the entire north Italian region (South Tyrol). One part of the eggs however, are being delivered to the associated “Eggerhof” noodle processing plant, for the manufacture of  high quality egg paste goods.

High-quality egg paste goods can be produced from healthy eggs. Erich Gruber, a learned cook, is specialized in this handcraft and fabricates in our noodle processing plant “Eggerhof” high-quality egg paste noodle. The ingredients are selected carefully. The production takes place with genetic-free hard wheat semolina. We consciously and purposely renounce of dye materials, preservatives and the addition of water.

Birra di Fiemme

Birra Fiemme comes from one of the most spectacular valleys of the Trentino-Alto Adige region, where the richness of the pure waters and the passion of the owner have created one of the most thirst-quenching, natural and health of all drinks, a unique beer, with a full, complex flavour. The idea of going back to the almost extinct beer making traditions in the Val Fiemme dates back to 1999, and the product in question is made from the best, carefully selected hops and malt. Birra di Fiemme – where passion comes first!

Olearia del Garda

For thirty years Olearia del Garda has dedicated passion and commitment to the selection and distribution of one of the most important ingredients in the Mediterranean Diet: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, joining the tradition with the promotion of this product which is part of mankind’s heritage and a priceless resource in the Lake Garda area where the company is based. This is in fact Europe’s northernmost production area, where olives have been cultivated since ancient times thanks to the mild, typically Mediterranean climate on the shores of the lake.Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil, whose quality and production standards are today guaranteed by the DOP certification “Garda DOP”, is Olearia del Garda’s flagship product among a wide range of different varieties.
Thanks to a commitment and professionalism consolidated over time, Olearia del Garda brings only the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils to your table every day, with a range of products designed to meet every need.


Our idea of quality is precisely what led us to create a brand that symbolises just this, in the food sector and in lifestyle, the excellence and the seriousness that have always been at the heart of everything we do and all of our expertise. The range of Fontanara products are the fruit of many years of research, passion and dedication that make us proud to be able to offer these to a clientele that is becoming ever more attached to our brand. Every day our oil press, using a cold extraction system, crushes not only our olives, but also those sent to us by farmers in our area as well as from other parts of Italy. This prevents any contact with oxygen between pressing and storage which, under a strict nitrogen environment, keeps our extra virgin olive oil both intact and undamaged. This type of processing, the first of its kind in Italy, is the result of years of research undertaken with the sole intention of safeguarding one of Italy’s noblest and best known food products.


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