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Coffee Equipment

Home professional coffee machines are the best solution to enjoy a good Espresso without going to the bar. It is no coincidence that people are looking for the same flavor, but it is difficult to find it using normal home coffee machines.

Professional coffee machines: the best way to enjoy a coffee with the original aroma.

There are different types of professional coffee machines, but all of them are based on the same basic steps to brew coffee:

  1. The water that enters the circuit is raised to a temperature between 90 ° / 96 ° centigrade with various heating systems.
  2. The hot water is pushed with a strong pressure into the coffee powder enclosed in a filter.
  3. As it passes through the coffee powder, the water is colored, it is flavored with the aroma and taste of the coffee and absorbs its organoleptic properties.

Discover the features and the complete range of our models of professional coffee machines for home. We offer you the best brands on the market for an Italian espresso, with full aroma and flavor.

The advantages of professional coffee machines are the follows:

  • Taste of coffee: by using freshly ground coffee beans, thanks also to our coffee grinders and the use of adequate pressures, it is possible to extrapolate the full aroma, just like in the bar;
  • Reduction of waste: with the use of professional coffee grinders, no waste is produced as would happen with capsules and pods, made with non-eco-friendly materials.
  • Free choice of Espresso: you can choose your coffee from many brands on the market that you can also find on our website in the section dedicated to the selection of coffee, in fact with a professional coffee machine there is no obligation to buy compatible products.

Professional coffee machines for home are really a great way to fully enjoy the aroma of coffee, allowing you to replicate the coffee from the bar even at home and to choose the coffee blend based on personal tastes!

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