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1.1 It is your responsibility to verify the quantity and condition of the merchandise upon delivery.
1.2 In case you observe damage or missing items, you must notify and file claim with the carrier and inform Bertazzo Italian Quality Food within 3 days after the delivery. Bertazzo Italian Quality Food shall in such a case provide you with identical replacement merchandise.


2.1 Machines purchased on this website are guaranteed by Bertazzo Italian Quality Food for 24 months from the date of receipt of goods under current European legislation, pursuant to the specific terms and conditions listed in the original product documentation.
2.2 Please consult your product documentation for detailed information on the manufacturer’s warranty, which is without prejudice to any of your imperative statutory legal rights.


3.1 If you encounter any problems or have any questions concerning the functioning, maintenance or after-sales service of your machine, please contact Bertazzo Italian Quality Food by telephone for advice and assistance.
3.2 If your machine problem cannot be resolved by telephone, Bertazzo Italian Quality Food proposes a series of advantageous after-sales service options. Please contact Bertazzo Italian Quality Food by telephone for detailed information.


4.1 The photographs and texts illustrating and describing the products on this website are non-contractual and for information purposes alone. Bertazzo Italian Quality Food shall not be liable in case of errors or omissions in the photographs or texts displayed on this website. The catalogs, pictures contained therein, texts and everything else, may not be reproduced nor used without the prior written consent of Bertazzo Italian Quality Food.
4.2 For international deliveries to countries other than those where Bertazzo Italian Quality Food originates its shipments, Bertazzo Italian Quality Food shall have no liability if the products do not comply with the laws and regulations of the country of delivery or in case of electrical or other product incompatibility.
4.3 Without limiting the scope of these General Conditions of Sale, no claim of any kind, whether as to products delivered or non-delivery of products, or otherwise, shall be greater in amount than the purchase price of the products in respect of which damages are claimed. IN NO EVENT SHALL Bertazzo Italian Quality Food BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE (EVEN IF THE ADVENT OF SUCH DAMAGE WAS KNOWN OR COULD HAVE BEEN KNOW BY Bertazzo Italian Quality Food), CAPABLE OF ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH ITS PRODUCTS, THEIR USE, SALE OR THIS WEBSITE


5.1 Bertazzo Italian Quality Food will make every reasonable effort to fulfill its obligations. However, Bertazzo Italian Quality Food cannot be held responsible for delays or failure to deliver caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Such circumstances include strikes, wars, natural catastrophes or any others that make impracticable the production, transportation or delivery of products.
5.2 In the event of delay, Bertazzo Italian Quality Food will perform its obligations as soon as reasonably possible, and it reserves the right to allocate any remaining product supply among customers in a fair and reasonable manner.


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