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Since 1902, Ferrari has been Italy’s sparkling wine par excellence.
6 July 2020

The irresistible elegance of its bubbles celebrates Italy’s lust for life and beauty. It is a constant quest for quality and attention to detail during the entire production process that have made Ferrari Italy’s leading producer of Metodo Classico sparkling wines. A profound link with the territory and respect for the land in every single […]

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Valdobbiadene Prosecco is Superiore.
28 April 2020

Val D’Oca is one of the leading producers of Prosecco. This sparkling wine is made with Glera grape that is cultivated and vinified in the hills of Valdobbiadene. Here the famous Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG was born, its designation of origin is not only controlled but also guaranteed.

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the Balsamico Trentino: a unique product of its kind
29 May 2019

Obtained by slow-fire cooking of local grape must, in our case of Gewürztraminer, the process to obtain balsamic vinegar is long and special: it is aged in barrels of 8 different woods (oak, mulberry, cherry, acacia, chestnut, ash, juniper, pear) and measuring to climb. It is racked and topped up once a year for at […]

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La Piccola : 100% Made in Italy coffee pods machine
18 January 2019

Choosing a coffee pods machine La Piccola , means having a 100% Made in Italy machine, with a professional quality, strength and functionality to last a long time, and a healthy coffee thanks to the use of noble materials.

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LELIT Bianca: if you are not a real barista, keep away from me!
16 October 2018

Lelit Bianca is the bright star among Lelit espresso machines . Is an espresso machine without compromises, with E61 group, manual control of the water flow and dual boiler. It has been created for those expert baristas that know to get the best out of every coffee.

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LELIT coffee machines : an Espresso that lasts in time
14 June 2018

Lelit Espresso machines are designed and produced in Italy, implementing the same technologies and components used for the commercial bar machines. Every single espresso machine has been conceived and designed to grant the optimal temperature and water pressure conditions needed for exceptional espressos.

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Sgambaro organic Pasta with Emmer Lentis and Quinoa
8 May 2018

Thanks to the continuous research carried out by the Pastificio Sgambaro company, we have created a mix of flours that allows us to offer a product that is not only healthy and suitable for the nutritional needs of the most attentive, but above all good: it is the new protein Pasta with “Organic Emmer Lentis and Quinoa”. […]

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Uliva Garda Trentino DOP
26 April 2018

                Uliva Garda Trentino DOP is an high quality extra virgin that’s on top of world’s production since 2009. Uliva is made by one single variety, the autochthonous Casaliva, picked up on an early stage and immediately pressed. The original characteristics of the olives, are perfectly reflected on the […]

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NEW EUREKA MIGNON: silent, user friendly and…perfetto!
8 March 2018

Beyond the innovative design, the new range features 2 important peculiarities: the Silent Technology to reduce the grind noise anf the Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity System which prevents the formation of clumps and ensures dose consistency. Today, the New Mignon Silent is a proper range of product composed of 3 versions: Silenzio is the version similar to the current Mignon, with the […]

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