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Bigoli Nobili Veneziani – Verkostung Pack

Pasta Sgambaro

Artikelnummer: P106


The typical taste of the Venetian culinary tradition. The tasting box with the 3 version of the famous Bigoli Nobili Veneziani: Traditional Mori – Thin and Delicate – with Red Radicchio.

In the middle of the fifteenth century, the chef of the Bishop of Eraclea, the oldest port of Venice, haigly praised a pasta called “bigoli” which, in 1603 received patent and started being produced. This is evidence that the art of making bigoli was the heritage of many areas in Veneto, the region where the mill and pasta factory Jolly Sgambaro was founded and developed. Only the best durum wheat has been selected to produce this slow dried, bronze drawn, 100% italian pasta: thanks to a special processing, it retains all its fragrance and nutrition values. The excellent taste of Bigoli Nobili was recognided also by the “Accademia Italiana della Cucina” which, in 1993, awarded the brothers Dino and Enzo Sgambaro for having enhanced “an execellent product of Italian cusine”.

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