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Busiate Bio Tumminia with cherry tomato sauce, lilliput cappers and olivs

My Cooking Box - Vegan certification by Veganok

Artikelnummer: H104


The box contains all the ingredients you need in the right doses and a step-by-step recipe to prepare the dish like a professional chef !

BOX serving size of 5:

– Cherry Tomato Sauce 660 g
– Tumminia Busiate 500 g
– Sea salt Crystals 50 g
– Garlic Oil 2 packages of 20 ml
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 packages of 20 ml
– Pitted oven dried black olives 25 g
– Capers in sea-salt 15 g
– Fine salt 4 packages of 2 g
– Black Pepper 2 packages of 0,3 g


Rediscover the ancient grains of Sicily. The ancient grains are the wheats cultivated before the green revolution, when crops were grown from pure seeds and weren’t genetically modified. This method was maintained by a number of Sicilian producers in order to preserve the precious ancient wheat that grows up to 2.2 meters and has a low gluten content.
Forgotten aromas are brought back to life by the natural stone mills and rare expertise in the art of milling that preserves the high quality of the flours produced.
Combined with the highest quality cherry tomatoes from the south of Sicily, where the superior exposition to the sun, the salty groundwater and the unique properties of the soil give them a distinctive flavour.
With the addition of black olives, which have an anti-oxidising effect, and capers from Pantelleria, the blustery island where the love of nature has preserved the organoleptic qualities of their food, produced without preservatives, colorants or chemical additives.
The deep blue sea glistens in vast pools, the wind turns the sails of the old windmills and the sun is dazzling in the white piles of salt… We are in the WWF nature reserve, in the salt works of Trapani where our crystals of sea salt are collected by hand using traditional methods. Rich in minerals and with low sodium chloride content, sea salt is the best mineral integrator thanks to its excellent organoleptic qualities.


Sicilian born and bred, from the age of 13 the desire to learn from the best lead him to visit the kitchens of Palermo’s most renowned restaurants. After graduating from high school, he began a long journey around the “bel paese”, working at prestigious hotels and restaurants. On his return to Sicily he worked in a restaurant with 2 Michelin stars. In March 2005 he began teaching his art and advanced his own learning by working with Italy’s greatest master chefs and sweet chefs. In 2014 he became a member of the Italian national cooking team and started appearing regularly on the Rai 2 cookery program “Detto Fatto”.


Wherever possible we use FAVINI CRUSH paper for the packaging. This environmentally friendly paper is produced from the by-products of agro-industrial processes, in particular the residues of citrus fruits, kiwi fruits, corn, coffee, olives, hazelnuts, almonds, lavender and cherries.

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